10 Web Designs: Depth of Field Advantage

Yesterday we dove into Depth of Field, and looked at how it can be used to dramatically enhance your image.  Today, we are going to look at 10 Web Designs that use depth of field to their advantage.  When I sat down to gather these sites, I had three goals:

  1. Don’t spend more than 15 minutes finding them
  2. Try to find the next site from a link on the previous site (harder than I imagined)
  3. Find a mix of big sites and small blogs.

There are a few large sites in the list, but the vast majority of them are from smaller, local sites.  As I am from Chicago, there are a few local ones for me in the list.  When I was looking at gathering the 10 web designs, I wasn’t looking for an amazing design – instead I was interested in the featured image, and it’s use of depth of field.  If you have an amazing image, that draw’s your viewer’s eye, more than likely they’ll stay engaged much longer.  So now, without commentary, the list of 10 sites I felt took advantage of depth of field.

There are literally hundreds of sites I have included on this list, so here are the first 10 web designs I found that I thought met the criteria.

10 Web Designs:

My Style Pill


10 Web Designs: My Style Pill



Savvy Home


10 Web Designs: Savvy Home





10 Web Designs: Roxy





10 Web Designs: airbnb



The Italian Dish


10 Web Designs: The Italian Dish



Chicago Street Style


10 Web Designs: Chicago Street Style





10 Web Designs: GrouponWorks





10 Web Designs: TheSFStyle



Jenna’s Everything Blog


10 Web Designs: Jenna's Everything Blog




10 Web Designs: Apple
Credit: Feature image by Patrick Gunderson

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